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NGK COP (Waste Spark) Ignition Coil

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NGK COP (Waste Spark) Ignition Coil
NGK coils include stainless steel springs with dielectric grease that is required on certain applications and prevents rust and corrosion. Produced with a high temperature resistant boot and superior insulation to prevent voltage leaks.
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Ignition Coil
NGK COP (Waste Spark) Ignition Coil
NGK's coil housings are manufactured with premium thermoplastic and high-quality epoxy for superior dielectric strength and durability. Magnetic laminated steel maximizes voltage output and coil performance.
Ignition Coil
COP (Waste Spark) Ignition Coil
NGK's coils have Integrated ignition modules that are manufactured with wire bonding and mechanically soldered circuitry to ensure optimal vehicle operation. Backed by a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty.
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